Polar Bowler

Polar Bowler 2.2

A casual arcade shooting game with polar bears
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Fire a polar bear in a tire from a slingshot in order to knock down pins. Control the aim, positioning, and direction of each shot, view the results, monitor the process of the beer flying, and adjust the trajectory for the next attempt. Keep track of the high score.

If you have played other games from the Polar Games series, like Polar Pool or Golfer, I'm sure you will like this one too!
The logic of the game is simple and fun: bowling game!. Start playing with the polar bear, and get as many points as possible to unlock new characters (like the Walrus and Santa), and very colorful bowling greens.
The gameplay is simple: choose your character, name and number of players, select your lane, and get started!
Oh, I forgot, there is an important detail...in this bowling game...there is no ball...because you are the ball! Just give you a boost from an elastic band, align your tube on the icy lane using your mouse, and watch your character plunge headfirst into the pins!
But that's not all! Through your way toward the pins, you can pick some powerups to help you knock down more!
This game is very colorful, with smooth animations and great sound. Music is nice, and the characters gestures are very funny too!
It's great for playing when you have just 5-10 minutes to play...have a great time with this game!

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  • Music is cool! Simple enough to give you a good time


  • I don't know if it's a game feature, but sometimes my game progress is erased, so I was to start over again
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